When I started working on Trustee nearly six years ago, the magazine’s then-editorial director told me two things: first, that the magazine would practically run itself and second, that I would enjoy working with trustees.

Well, she was right about the latter: I have loved working with you. In conversations at conferences and meetings, through email, calls, interviews and articles, you have told me about your responsibilities, your successes and struggles, and your passion for serving your communities. As my understanding of the breadth and depth of the role you play has grown, so has my admiration. In a society in which everyone wants a few more hours in a day, you dedicate hundreds of hours throughout the year to meetings, research, education and events. And you share the knowledge and expertise you’ve gained from careers and schooling to improve the lives of those around you.

This is my last issue as editor of Trustee. I am moving to a position within the American Hospital Association’s Office of the Secretary, where I will serve a different group of trustees — those on AHA’s board. I’m excited to support AHA’s mission in a new way and I wouldn’t be qualified for the job if you hadn’t told me your stories and answered my questions.

So, thank you. Thanks for reading the magazine, for suggesting topics and for sharing your perspectives. Thanks for letting me help you, and thanks for helping me. It was a privilege to work for you, and I hope our paths cross again soon.