If you haven't been to the Trustee website lately — well, I don't blame you. Clunky, disjointed and unreliable, it didn't serve you or satisfy us.

It's time to give us another try. We recently unveiled a snappy new design with upgraded features. The goal was a more streamlined site to make finding what you want faster and easier.

For a start, the home page offers a broader view of the Trustee content universe, yet enables users to drill down to specific articles with fewer clicks. Search by topic — leadership and governance, physicians, quality/patient safety and more — to read the latest in those areas. Or, click on Magazine to view the current issue or peruse the archives by date.

Scroll down to the Trustee Toolbox section, which is the new home for our educational resources. The most recent Executive Briefings, Workbooks, Dashboards, Talking about Technology features and Web-exclusive articles can be found here.

Editor's Picks will highlight some of our best and most timely articles as well as introduce you to thought leaders published by our sister magazine, Hospitals & Health Networks.

Finally, the redesign allows us to update the site's content far more frequently. We will spotlight a variety of articles throughout the month. Additionally, the Popular Articles section will reveal your peers' current interests. And after every article, there is an option to leave a comment. It's an opportunity to have a conversation with us, and we hope you will take advantage of it.

So, give www.trusteemag.com a space on your bookmark toolbar and stop by often. We think the site is a huge leap forward in user friendliness, style and breadth. But we won't know for sure until we hear from you. Send your review to jjeffries@healthforum.com.