More than 43 percent of primary care providers received some form of additional compensation for on-call coverage, according to a Medical Group Management Association on-call compensation survey.

However, 49 percent of nonsurgical specialists in the survey reported no additional compensation for on-call coverage, while 72 percent of surgery specialists received additional compensation for their on-call services. Most survey respondents received additional compensation in the form of a daily or annual stipend.

The daily rate of on-call physician compensation varied greatly among specialties. Family practitioners with and without ob-gyn earned $110 and $100, respectively, per day, and neurological surgeons earned $1,671 daily. Ophthalmologists earned $500 in additional compensation per day while general surgeons earned $905 and urologists earned $283. On-call compensation rates differed on holidays and weekends. The holiday rate was $3,000 for general surgeons and $588 for family practitioners.

On-call providers reported 971 hours worked per year for their annual stipend, 720 hours worked per month for their monthly stipend and 20 hours worked per week for their weekly stipend. Those who were paid on a daily rate were expected to be on call for a full 24 hours.

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