Every year, Trustee's sister publication Hospitals & Health Networks assesses hospital information technology adoption and usage through its Most Wired Survey. This year, 1,388 hospitals were represented in the 530 surveys returned. The 2011 survey included a handful of new questions and results that are particularly relevant to boards:

  • 96 percent of Most Wired hospitals—the 154 organizations scoring highest on the survey—reported having a governance structure to track IT work compared with 85 percent of all hospitals surveyed. And significantly more Most Wired hospitals have a board-level technology subcommittee than do all other respondents.
  • Many hospitals collect the race/ethnicity and preferred language data needed to explore potential health inequities, and all Most Wired hospitals are able to generate a patient list that isolates a specific condition for quality improvement.

For complete survey results, go to www.hhnmostwired.com.