Of those fast-growing services or facilities, the majority represent advances in technology for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes, according to the 2010 AHA Annual Survey. The largest increase occurred in the percentage of community hospitals offering full-field digital mammography: from 13 percent in 2005 to 40 percent in 2010. The smallest increase occurred in computer-assisted orthopedic surgery, which grew from 7 to 13 percent in the same period. It also is the least prevalent of the 11 fast-growing facilities or services, while health information (or patient education) centers were most prevalent — available in 62 percent of community hospitals — in 2010.

Other fast-growing services include multislice computed tomography, robotic surgery, image-guided radiation therapy and positron emission tomography.

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In November/December: Care Coordination
Using data from the 2011 AHA Annual Survey, Trustee will look at statistics on accountable care organizations and care coordination.