Notice anything different? I won't make you guess. We've updated Trustee's design and content, and you're holding the finished product. We began this process about a year ago by talking to readers about how we could make the magazine more useful. These discussions led to the creation of two new departments. Practical Matters will take a step-oriented, hands-on approach to thorny health care governance concerns. For its debut, we offer a five-part process for assessing the true costs of physician employment.

Dashboard is a reader-friendly way to take advantage of the American Hospital Association's wealth of data. Using information from the AHA Annual Survey of Hospitals, the Health Research & Educational Trust and Hospitals & Health Networks Most Wired Survey, we'll bring you exclusive statistics to benchmark your hospital against others of the same size or region. This section launches with a view of the growth in hospitalist programs over the past five years.

The magazine's new look was a different matter. Editorial Director Mary Grayson and I tossed around industry-specific terms including "like" and "don't like" and tore pages out of other publications we enjoy. With this marginally useful direction, Trustee's graphic designer Cheri Kusek produced a fully realized design from the first page to the last. Our goal was an easy-to-read magazine with a clean, updated look, and Cheri more than delivered the goods.

None of these improvements happened in a vacuum, so I'd like to thank several people for their assistance: the graphic design and production teams at Health Forum, the staff and members of AHA's Committee on Governance, the trustees who participated in the Trustee Magazine Advisory Committee, the Center for Healthcare Governance and the AHA Data group.

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