Who are the happiest employees in your hospital? Those in administration, according to a study from HR Solutions Inc. that identified the employees who exhibit the highest and lowest overall job satisfaction.

The highest scoring segment is senior management, which includes the CEO, vice presidents and directors, who are nearly 26 percentage points more satisfied with their jobs than employees in the lowest scoring department, critical intensive care.

In addition to senior management, the hospice, human resources, clinical professional (such as physical therapists and social workers) and security departments are the highest-scoring departments. Employees within these high-scoring areas consider their organization to be a good place to work and would recommend it to a friend or relative.

The five lowest scoring hospital departments are medical-surgical, food and nutrition, neonatal intensive care unit, the medical-surgical and critical care emergency department, and critical intensive care. Employees in these departments work long hours, perform risky procedures and spend the majority of their workday caring for patients in critical condition. Employees in the NICU, ED and ICU are removed from a direct reward for their time and effort because their patients either die or are transferred to another unit.

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