People cannot ignore authentic love forever," Benjamin Anderson told me when we were chatting about his Viewpoint in this month's issue. As you'll read, Anderson, CEO of Ashland (Kan.) Health Center, uses a novel — and successful — approach to recruit physicians to his small, rural hospital. But the quote above refers to some of the caregivers in Ashland's long-term care unit, who come from far beyond Kansas state lines. The nursing home "intentionally reaches out to international cultures who take wonderful care of and hold the elderly in high esteem," Anderson says. When I wondered aloud how the patients responded to immigrants, he says they can't help but embrace caregivers who "continue to compassionately show love," regardless of the color of their skin or their native language.

Anyone who has perched on a paper-covered exam table wearing only a threadbare hospital gown and a pair of socks would probably like to feel a little love from a physician or nurse. The question is, is that the kind of person your hospital hires? Someone who, in addition to technical expertise in health care, has a calling to deliver it? Is that the kind of person your organization promotes, rewards with new responsibilities and maybe even invites into the C-suite? Is that the kind of person your organization entrusts with teaching the next generation of clinicians and staff? If not, you may need to look outside the typical applicant pool.

On another note, Trustee's designer Cheri Kusek won two awards from the American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors: a silver award for best publication redesign and a silver award for best computer-generated opening spread for our June 2011 story on psychiatric care. Cheri has been designing Trustee for more than 15 years, and we are lucky to have her.