This journal does not presume to have a ready-made solution to ... any of several new problems that confront trustees today. Its purpose is to help find the solutions by stimulating discussion and by providing a vehicle for the trading of successful experiences."

While this statement applies nicely to Trustee's current goals, it was written in the magazine's first issue, published in October 1947, by executive editor John M. Storm. At that time, hospitals were confronting rising costs and a "growing popular conviction that more people are entitled to more health service." Storm noted that "the informed judgment of governing board members [was] needed more than ever."

Some things never change.

I dug this issue out of the archives for inspiration as the magazine embraces a thoroughly modern vehicle for trading successful experiences: Facebook.

Wait. Before you brace yourself for a deluge of photos of dogs in Halloween costumes and status updates about morning lattes, let me tell you what we envision: We will post links to current Trustee stories, news from the American Hospital Association and interesting health care articles from around the Web, and occasionally pose questions to you. We hope you will chime in with comments, your own questions, and news and issues from your hospital. With your help, we hope to create a community in which trustees can connect with the magazine, and more importantly with each other, in a timely, informal and, maybe even fun way.

So, whether you are a daily user, merely a lurker or altogether Facebook-phobic, stop by to help build a vibrant online trustee community.