Many organizations in 2011 increased their physician staffing and plan to continue to do so in 2012. According to SullivanCotter's 2011 Physician Compensation and Productivity Survey report, nearly 75 percent of the 424 survey participants reported adding an average of 12 specialists and nine primary care physicians to their staffs. Three-quarters also indicated that they plan to increase their physician and advanced practitioner staffs over the next 12 months.

The survey also found that organizations are using more complex compensation plans, such as basing incentives not just on productivity, but also on physician performance tied to patient satisfaction (74 percent) and/or quality (72 percent). The amount of compensation typically tied to physician performance has been 3 to 5 percent, but it is expected to increase to 7 to 10 percent of physician compensation. The survey also found that nearly three-quarters of survey participants use hiring bonuses.

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