Among those hospitals, 94 percent notify affiliated physicians, 46 percent notify independent physicians and 41 percent contact both, according to data from the 2012 AHA IT Supplement Survey, which tracks electronic health record adoption.

Adoption of comprehensive EHRs — those that enable numerous functions and are present in all major clinical units — has nearly doubled to 17 percent from 9 percent of nonfederal hospitals in 2011. IT has enabled the majority of these hospitals to make sizable strides toward medication safety: 80 percent can compare inpatient and preadmission medication lists, 89 percent can provide an updated medication list at discharge, 84 percent can check inpatient prescriptions against an internal formulary and 84 percent can track medications automatically with an electronic medication administration record. The exception is electronically prescribing discharge medication orders, which only 51 percent of hospitals can perform.

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Coming in June: Cultural Competency — Trustee will present information on hospitals' race/ethnicity data collection efforts and strategies for reducing inequities.