It’s been almost a year since the American Hospital Association launched a new model of trustee education for our members, one focused on the emerging challenges in the health care field and designed to engage trustees in our grassroots advocacy to support their local hospital/health system and the patients they serve.

I hope that if you haven’t yet explored the resources available to you from AHA Trustee Services on the AHA’s website at, you will soon. These resources, shared via a free, quarterly e-newsletter titled Trustee Insights, focus on good governance practices and thought leadership related to what it means to be a high-performing board. There also are primers on the forces transforming the health care field and the impact they could have on your organization and communities. Our multimedia offerings include not only briefs but also video content and on-demand webinars that can be used for boardroom education and discussion.

We also enhanced trustee programming at all of the AHA’s major membership meetings — the Annual Membership Meeting, Leadership Summit and Rural Health Care Leadership Conference — creating new dedicated trustee tracks that allow trustees to partake in tailored, dedicated sessions while also participating in the larger conferences.

Based on the positive response to Trustee Services’ new approach to the digital delivery of trustee education and information, we have realized that we have an excellent opportunity to marry Trustee Insights and Trustee magazine into one, more robust, digital package. As a result, Trustee magazine will cease to publish after the June issue. Its rich content, workbooks and perspectives will live on as part of an enhanced quarterly Trustee Insights

We are immensely proud of the great work that has been published in Trustee magazine over the years and are committed to continuing to bring you that content in new and more accessible ways. Watch for more information in the coming months, and please visit to browse our resources or sign up to receive Trustee Insights. We look forward to your feedback as we continue to evolve to meet your needs in this changing digital world.

Maryjane Wurth is chief operating officer and executive vice president of the American Hospital Association, and president and CEO of Health Forum.