These programs involve inpatient, physician or post-acute care services where the hospital receives a single payment from a payer for an episode of care, such as a hip replacement or coronary artery bypass graft, and then distributes payments to participating providers. Of the small number of hospitals participating in a bundled payment program, 67 percent are affiliated with a system and 90 percent are located in urban areas, according to the 2011 American Hospital Association Annual Survey. These hospitals also tend to be larger — 70 percent of participants have 200 or more beds.

The number of organizations participating in bundles will skyrocket in 2013. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services in January selected more than 450 organizations to participate in its Bundled Payments for Care Improvement initiative, which comprises four broadly defined models of care.

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Coming in April: Hospital Ownership
Trustee will look at the structure of hospitals' relationships with physicians, including joint ventures.