In December 2011, the federal government's Partnership for Patients initiative issued $218 million in grants to create 26 Hospital Engagement Networks with some two goals: reduce patient harm by 40 percent and readmissions by 20 percent over two years. The AHA’s Health Research & Educational Trust, working with more than 1,600 hospitals and 34 state hospital associations, operates the largest HEN.

Since then, Trustee and Hospitals & Health Networks magazine have developed in-depth video reports, feature articles and blogs.

Now trustees have a new resource: Eliminating Harm, Improving Patient Care: A Trustee Guide. This series of ten video modules are intended to guide trustees through the context for a board to engage in quality as it relates to strategy, process and effectiveness; methods for measuring and eliminating harm; clinician engagement; and foundational elements like eliminating disparities and strengthening patient and family engagement. The videos and the accompanying workbook were designed to enhance board members’ ability to make the connection between their work and how it impacts the safety and well-being of the patients they serve.

Hospital Engagement Network

Eliminating Harm, Improving Patient Care: A Trustee Guide

This workbook is designed to be used as a tracking tool for trustees as they prepare for each module, view the videos and then discuss the key take-aways.

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