Forming a lasting and meaningful relationship with the community is critical for a functioning population health partnership. The American Hospital Association's Health Research & Educational Trust recently released a report on small and rural hospitals' role in population health, which included 11 strategies for working with the local community to help ensure success.

  1. Encourage hospital leaders to serve on community boards.
  2. Provide community representation on hospital boards.
  3. Survey the community on the effectiveness of the partnership.
  4. Provide financial support to community groups.
  5. Develop joint ventures with the community.
  6. Provide outreach to the community to attract local volunteers.
  7. Share health data with the community.
  8. Develop a shared mission and vision for community health.
  9. Analyze patient feedback on population health programs.
  10. Develop focus groups that comprise members of the local community to gauge reactions to and opinions on various population health initiatives.
  11. Partner with other local health providers for care delivery (home health, prevention, post-acute care).

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